15 August 2017

Tulips R Better Than One


what are your thoughts on the scented nail polish? I always thought it is unnecessary and a bit gimmicky but I picked one scented bottle up to see what the fuss is all about.

Catrice Soft Blossom Tulips R Better Than One shade is cool toned pink, it looks like they added some lavender hues in it and the scent? I can barely detect it when the polish is dry on my nails, I honestly wouldn't pick it up for that feature alone.

The brush is standard and not as wide as it is in the 'new' ICONails gel lacquers. I find it very easy to navigate and due to its narrowness painting the pinkys and toes wasn't an issue.
Even though the bottle looks small it contains whooping 11 ml of product, that should last me lifetime.

When it dries it is not super glossy but it also isn't matte, I would say something in between. I experienced some minor bubbles which weren't as obvious in person as they are in the photo but it was totally my fault. I was painting them outside on a very hot day, I was in a rush because I had to pack for a vacation which took place the next day. I wore it on my vacation on nails and toes. I was soaking in salty water and strolling on the hot beach, usually my nail polish starts to chip and fall of but this baby lasted the entire time. Yes, there was some tip wear but no chips and I didn't reapply it once, I also didn't use any top coat.
I know that the price is a bit higher that their 'average' line but in terms of longevity I think it is fair because you get a stellar polish. I would say I'm not a pink nail polish kind of gal but this particular shade turned me over, I'm still not interested in bright warm pinks or fuchsia tones but I can see myself wearing this shade all year around.
I like this long lasting, almost one coater polish so much that next time when I will be in the store I will see if they have some more 'me approved' shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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