27 August 2017

Mermayday Mayday


my last manicure shown was pink, very happy and cheerful. I decided to switch things up by choosing one of the 'new' polishes in more calm and relaxed color, at least that is what I thought of it when I saw it in the bottle.

It is Catrice ICONails nail varnish in the Mermayday Mayday shade. It has a cream finish and great opacity with just one coat. I still did two, to even everything out and just because I'm used to it.

The shade is very unique in my collection and I was excited to see how much I will like it on myself. I used it on my nails and toes and my verdict is that it somehow clashes with my skin tone. It looks okay on the photos but my fingers looked red opposed to this cool toned shade and I didn't approved that. The wear time was average, after two or three days some tip wear  started to show which is quite normal (I type a lot at work and I noticed that I often use nails to do it and that takes toll on my nail polish) but I have to admit that the one I wore previously from the Soft Blossom range lasted longer and better and if I'm not mistaken the price point is similar if not the same but within the ICONails range there are 45 shades when there are only 4 scented options left.

All in all I like this range of nail polishes from Catrice but I have some that lasts longer on my nails and are cheaper (most of my Essence varnishes), the shade was a fail for me but that is just my personal taste and I hope my sister will like it better because I'm planing to give it to her.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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