01 September 2017

balmy tint


I'm so behind reviewing all my new products that some of them aren't even that new. Still, I can find this Essence LE in my local store and I can hope you can too, if there is still something you want to get.

Essence Cubanita Bienvenida a Palm Beach balmy tint in pink.

I was lucky enough to receive this balm. It is bright warm toned pink shade that goes on almost sheer but it starts building up the longer you wear it (I would say that the final color develops after 5 minutes of wearing it). On me it turns really bright but because it is not so cool toned I like it much better than some other ones (Essence My Little Sunshine lipstick from some other collection which I passed down to my mom).

On the swatch it looks quite toned down and glossy like a regular balm. It is moisturizing but I had some others that were better also I can't imagine myself carrying it around and reapplying because the color is already so vivid.

I usually put it on and through the day I reapply clear balm which provides me with enough moisture to prevent chapped lips and to add shine. The Bienvenida a Palm Beach balm leaves a very strong stain behind and if I eat carefully it stays on through my entire work day.
I will quickly mention lovely packaging, in my opinion it is cute and cheerful, it makes me happy when I look at it and the scent is vanilla/caramel but it goes away after you apply it to your lips.
I wish it would be more moisturizing but then again I think that the stain is the main point of this product and the fact that my lips stays pigmented even after a long day at work is impressive, so I really shouldn't complain. I can always top it off with some balm or gloss.

If you are on a hunt for a bright stain then you should definitely get this balmy tint in your hands.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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