14 September 2017

& we kissed


when I saw the preview of the Essence TE & the lovely little things my heart skipped a beat. I'm usually not drawn to the cute packaging but this one won my heart. I wanted to own everything for the collection, period.
I calmed down a bit when the first swatches stated popping up and I discovered that I already have a lot of similar colors in my collection and buying something just because of the packaging seems worthless to me. I always toss products when they get empty, I just don't save and cherish the empty packaging as some trinkets.

Essence team did send me some products form the collection so that was also the other reason why I didn't purchase anything. I received this & we kissed lip balm with absolutely adorable packaging.

It is mango scented and I would say that mangos really smell like that, it doesn't have any plastic-y undertone to it.

The product itself looks pink and I was expecting that it will turn my lips into soft pink color even though it doesn't specify that. However, it is colorless. It makes my lips slightly shiny and that is it, it also isn't longlasting. After about 30 minutes I have to reapply and I have been using it for a whole day and my lips at midday were dry and started to crack. My conclusion was that this balm isn't moisturizing enough for me to keep it in my bag and reapply through the day. There is also the strawberry scented one but I didn't spent my money on it because I was disappointed by the lack of moisture and nourishment.

I like the scent and the packaging but when it comes to what matters, keeping my lips soft and nourished, it failed and I won't be repurchasing it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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