15 September 2017



half a month is already around and this time I only managed to use up a couple of products, some went bad (lip products but that seem to be a tradition since I have so many that I can't use them up before they go bad).

First is an Avon Naturals clean slate shampoo with Verbena & Peppermint. It is meant for oily hair and mine were greasy during the warmer months but this shampoo was just okay for me. I loved the scent, it was minty with a hint of flowers but my hair didn't look special the day after. There was nothing wrong with it but there are some others that I like better (Avon Naturals shampoo with Hibiscus & Raspberry is one of my favorite ones which makes my hair silkier and visibly smoother).

For the first time I used make-up removing wipes. I always just buy baby wipes and so far they worked like a charm plus they are much cheaper. So, this time I used up Nivea 3 in 1 care cleansing micellar wipes for eyes, lips and face with lash protect formula. I really didn't notice any lash fallout but I had to rub a little more to get all off and at the end the white part of my eyes was always a bit pink. It didn't hurt or irritate my eyes but they were just pink and since the regular baby wipes don't do that to me I will continue buying them.

The last three lip items aren't completely finished but I'm getting rid of them. First is the Avon Perfect Kiss lipstick in the shade Racy Raspberry which is a gorgeous color, very dear to my hear but I had the same issue with it like with the other two shades. After I apply it I start to feel like I have sand in my mouth and that felling comes from this old lipstick (it has zero shimmer so it isn't that), the only solution is to toss it but I will try to find similar shade.

The other two are L'oreal caresse glosses/stains. First is Romy and more nude one is Lolita. They are very long lasting (8 hours at least), very pigmented (after a couple of  minutes they both turned darker on me) and they stay glossy for at least 7 hours and then you are left with a nice even stain. In theory they are perfect for me but the scent/taste is horrendous. Very plastic and artificial, it makes me sick every time I try to wear it but you can cover it with some gum. All in all, I haven't worn them this year and so I think it is time to get rid of them. The pink one is 4 and the nude one is 3 years old, they are definitely over their prime.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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