06 September 2017

Ashy Radiance


this is one of my lucky finds before it sold out. Everyone who tried it was raving about it and it just stuck in my head that I should have it as well since it got an almost cult tag.

Catrice prime and fine professional contour palette in Ashy Radiance (the lightest option).

The contour part looks a bit warm and it looks more like a bronzer than a shading powder in my opinion at least on my skin tone. It makes me cringe every time I see someone using warm bronzer under their cheekbones to 'sculpt' them. Are you kidding me? Do people really don't see the difference between bronzer and contour colors?

Anyways, on some this works perfectly fine, on my warm toned skin it looks okay as bronzer.
First we have cream colored shimmery highlighter which is a tad too shimmery but manageable it looks more silver toned on the skin than in the pan (I love it in my inner corners or all over the lid as a eye shadow).
The bronze color as I mentioned looks nice on the back of my cheekbones close to my hair line, if that makes sense or I absolutely love it as an eye shadow all over the lid and blended into the crease.
Usually, if I use it  on my cheeks I also use it on my eyes and those little multi taskers are the best, even though I was a bit disappointed from the tone I reach for it quite often and use it all over. I still give it a thumb up.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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