13 September 2017

Mi Corazon


a while ago Essence team surprised me with this highlighter. I'm not someone who is obsessed with highlighters (I'm perfectly fine if I don't coat my cheeks with glowing powder, probably because my skin is already oily and if I'm breaking out then is my cheek area and I don't like to accentuate my acne) but I heard only positive reviews so I gave it a go.

It is Essence Cubanita jumbo highlighter in Mi Corazon shade (it was the only one available) and it really is huge. It covers my entire palm.

The tropical palm leaves embossment is beautiful and even though isn't deep it will take me a while to flatten it because this baby is pigmented.

The tone is very warm and yellow which could be a problem for fair ladies and cool toned gals. I'm fortunately warm but it still looks a smidge too yellow for my liking but I figured it out. If I apply bronzer on my cheeks and then this highlighter on top it looks fine.

This swatch was made with only one swipe and the pigmentation is crazy. I use very fluffy and soft brush to apply and I get somewhat 'natural' effect, I don't like seen from the space cheeks but you can totally do it with this highlighter. It definitely can be worn light or packed on for a full glow effect and that makes is very versatile and loved.

Here my camera made my skin and also the highlighter a bit warmer but in real life the color isn't very far off. Like I said, if you are cool toned this won't be for you but for all the neutral and warm toned women this is great. The size is also huge and it will last me for a really long time even if I will use it every single day.
BTW, it looks amazing as an eye shadow as well  ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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