24 September 2017

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I have genuinely cut my cosmetics shopping habits mostly by completely avoiding drugstores. If I can't see all of the new and discontinued make-up items and skin care products I won't be tempted, right? In this past week I made two quick jumps into the store and came out with some products. I could do better because there is only one item I 'really' needed, the rest are just extras but I still feel okay since 5 isn't such a high number and I could buy way more but I resisted.

First is Natura Siberica vivid vitamins for hair and body and offers instant hydration. This brand intrigued me for a couple of years but I have only tried one of their products before and it broke my skin out. I hope this product will work better for me and I will be able to see some good results.

Next is Alverde Mint and Currant lip balm. I definitely don't need any more lip products but I'm a sucker for anything mint and the label says limited edition so I felt the pressure to get it now even if I'm good for the next two years. Does anybody else feels the same? Missing out on products, even if you deep down know that the next year they will have something similar if not identical and you don't need to stock up?

Balea makes this little scented pots of cream and I already bought two (one was used up  and the other one is still waiting). I liked it so when I saw Peach and Papaya scent I had to get it. They had some other scents as well but I decided to only get one at the time especially since I still have one from last year.

The only product I 'needed' was this Artdeco eye shadow base. I'm just done with my first pot and when I saw 30% off I decided that it was a sigh sent from above. I have tried a couple of eye shadow bases and nothing really worked so I knew that when I will be done with it I will repurchase it so the sale came in on time. I won't loose my words about this product, if you have oily lids you need this little miracle pot in your life.

The very last item is so unexpected and I'm still in shock that I found it. The other day I was in Tuš Drogerije to see if they have the Essence Coast 'n' Chill collection (they didn't) but instead I saw a whole 1 meter stand full of Make-up Revolution London products. Who knew that this brand is available in Slovenia? I sure didn't. I started swatching some products and quickly become overflown with swatches so at the end I decided to get this lovely baked looking bronzer (not that I need any more). They have two Vivid baked bronzers but I got the lightest shade called Ready to go and I was impressed by the slight sheen that it gives. For more information I will have to actually try it on my face and I will report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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