02 February 2024



it is time for my empties. There are some big bottles included and they took me long time to finish them up but fortunately I liked both of them.

I purchased this Nuxe body revitalising nourishing milk with green tea extract a while ago but it took me quite long time to finish it up (actually it isn't completely gone since there is still product inside but I can't pump it out, I will have to tilt it and pour it out into some other container to use it all up). It had a slight green scent which isn't my favourite but it did absorb into my skin fast and kept it nourished. Towards the end I was using another scented lotion over it to compensate for the scent. It isn't a bad lotion, my only complaint is the scent which isn't unpleasant but I like something else.

Big black bottle is Avon advance techniques miracle defender shampoo for fuller and thicker look since my hair are thin and lack volume. It was a nice shampoo and my hair liked it but it is already discontinued so I won't be able to get it again. At the moment I'm using something with Honey and I prefer the new bottle so even if I would have a chance I would not get it again.

Next in line is Estee Lauder enlighten, dark spot correcting night serum. It worked as a serum for evening out my skin tone all over and as a dark spot corrective (for targeted areas and for my whole face to match with the rest of my body) with consistent use it also helped to reduce my redness. I was very pleased with this item and it is such a shame that I can't find it again, it seems like it is discontinued :(

Bloomin Garden is a limited edition hand cream from my favourite Avon care soothing line and it is their standard Jasmin & Glycerine version. I like the change of packaging but the content seems to stay the same. It is fast absorbing and nourishing enough hand cream with a light floral scent. Definitely my favourite together with Coconut and Banana version.

Second to last is Dove anti-perspirant with Lotus flower and Rice water scent. It is a roll-on product which is my preferred way and the scent for me is perfect. Very light (not strong in the sense that people across the room would smell me) but it is also gentle as a type. Sort of like a fabric softener, at the moment I'm already using something else and it doesn't compare with this one. I did not sweat much so full test was not made but still I like it enough to buy it again.

And the very last item is Alkemilla cosmetics lip balm in the Banana scent. It is a bit on the sweet like candy banana scent but still very nice, I have a problem with the texture since it is very hard and extra waxy. I would be okay with it if the harder texture would mean longevity but I have to constantly apply more and it bugs me. The scent is a plus for me but hard texture and applying it every 15 minutes bothers me soo much that I am willing to throw it away before finishing it up completely. 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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