29 February 2024



I got a bit lazy and I decided to join both empties posts into one. First photo features products used in the first half and second photo shows products used at the end of the month.

First of there is Balea Flower Dream body wash and shampoo. I only used it as a body was and even though it implies floral scent to me it smelled like fresh Raspberries. I really liked it and I would get it again in a heartbeat.

Next is a staple of mine, Beauty Glam Niacinamide serum, I love adding it to my night time routine under heavier creams to smooth my texture and help with sensitivity of my skin. I already have a new bottle of it and when it will be on sale I am getting it again.

Third is my beloved Dr. Grandel ferment peeling. It comes in a glass and inside is thin white powder when mixed with water it gets activated. The foam is super thin and light, I just massage it onto my face and rinse afterwards, my skin is immediately smoother and what I like it is how gentle it is. No particles and no burning, my sensitive skin approves and this is my second bottle already. These last for about one year so for me it is money well spent.

Tube is Frudia Mango lip balm. It is a thick product with barely there fruity scent (I hopped for a stronger and juicer scent) but I did like the which texture, perfect for night time. More often than not I would wake up with product still on and that is something I like. My lips never looked dry or chapped afterwards so formula is right. Next time I would like to try some other versions as well, I am tempted by Grape version.

Last in line is Catrice Illuminating blush in the shade I'm nuts about you. Lovely peach shade which added some brightness to my face. I really grow to like this blush as I think it looked really nice against my skin tone. In a way it will be missed but I'm also very excited to wear something else, maybe pink blush.

One of my favourite dry shampoos is this Batiste blush option. Fresh Peony scent and well known and loved formula. I already have a few backups of it, it just shows my love.

Second is Balea perfumed deodorant. This is my second and last bottle of it, I purchased it of well know Mugler Alien scent but I don't trust this formula enough to wear it on its own. Usually I would top my other deos with it to add some scent. I also have lotion with this scent and I enjoy it very much.

Avon advance technique smooth as silk hair oil is the bomb. In the past I have used up a few bottles of it and I sill like it. My hair loves it and look less brittle or dry if I use it. I got into a habit of using it on clean damp hair every time I wash them and my hair look healthy and happy (if that is possible).

Last is my beloved Catrice ultra last fixing spray. It does feel like hairspray but with right dosage it is not noticeable and my make-up lasts all day long. I already have 10+ backups of it :) Talk about obsessed ;)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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