22 August 2016

Avon package


yesterday I picked up my Avon order and I have to say it is jam packed with make-up, mostly new releases which I'm already testing and I can't wait to show you everything in detail.

First we have Advance Technique sun-light spray, summer hair saver complex which contains UV filters to protect your hair from sun damage. I'm a little late since summer is coming to an end but better late than never and I can still use it next year.

Next to it is the Luck for her fragrance. I already have the male version which I love so I added this flowery number into my collection. I will love it in the autumn.

Super extend extreme mascara is a repurchase (this is my third tube) and you know that means it is one of my favorites. This time it is in the black because it was part of the set and I couldn't choose the color myself (I usually go for black/brown version, it is still dark but not as intense).

New scent joined the Senses shower gel range, Calming Tuscany with Neroli and Olive scent, I love that they decided to make creamy formula, they are simply the best.

Two shiny, metallic tubes are the lipsticks from the new Shine burst line. I decided to go with only two lighter shades. They are Peach Punch and Rose.

The last two items are glosses also part of the Shine burst line. There are 10 shades available but most of them look rather dark or bold so I picked the more 'natural' looking ones. Pink one is named Rose Splash and lighter one is Sheer Peach Splash (I just noticed that I ordered two Rose and two Peach inspired lip products, that was completely unintentional). In the brochure it is not obvious but both of the lip glosses have some shimmer. I will try to test them as soon as possible and show them to you since there aren't many swatches available for the lip glosses.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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