27 August 2016



recently Avon has come out with this new line of lip products. I purchased two lip glosses which I already showed you but today I have one of the lipsticks.

Avon Shine Burst lipstick in the shade Rose. They really pulled the big guns for the packaging. There are four different metallic cases and it depends from the color of the products which one you will get. Mine belongs to the pink family hence the hot pink packaging.

The shade doesn't look like anything special while in the tube. Just the typical dusty rose color and before swatching it, I thought that it looks a bit dry but they are marked as glossy lippies.

On the lips however, it looks amazing. Baby pink shade with the perfect glossy finish. I'm not a fan of matte trend on my lips so creamy, shiny products are my jam. I found that this one has a very nice coverage but due to its glossines it can creeps into fine lines (I used Essence transparent lip liner which doesn't change the color but just fills those lines and makes everything looks better).
The wear isn't super long but that is expected. I wore it all day long and my lips managed to stay hydrated and smooth without incorporating any other lip products (I used lip liner only after first use, after that I was only reapplying lipstick).
In the brochure they are stating that they are scented but my nose can't detect anything. To me they are perfume free, I kind of wanted them to be fruity scented but at the end I think it is better if lip products aren't scented opposed to smell bad.

Under the line, I'm in love with this formula and color. It is so easy to wear, the shade goes with everything and I can put it on without the mirror. On me it didn't bleed over the edge of my lips but I prevented that with the lip liner so that could help. I absolutely adore this baby and I know what I will be wearing on my lips next week.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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