20 August 2016

Project polish


almost a month after posting my last project polish post I'm back with another one and again 2 varnishes are out the door.

Catrice Miss Piggy Reloaded bottle has come to an end. I really liked this bubblegum pink with small pink/gold shimmer and I posted my manicure here if you are interested to see how it looked. I would repurchase this shade but it is discontinued.

Second is Artdeco Blazing Sunburst. I don't have any photos of it because I didn't really liked it that much. I remember I got it from a nice girl, she said that she doesn't like it and send it to me. It was yellow polish with lots of golden shimmer and I hoped that the base color won't show up so I could use it as a pretty top coat but it was too pigmented for that. The only way to wear it was over cream yellow polish but I just don't like yellow nails so I ended up using it as a base coat underneath, so it wasn't even visible. I know, not ideal but I don't know anyone else who would enjoy yellow nails. The bottle is small, 4 ml but it still took me several months to go through it.

I'm so happy to finish two more bottles and now I used up or tossed 15 bottles all together this year. I am planing to use up 5 more this year and I think next year I will continue since I'm having so much fun.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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