08 August 2016

refreshing body spray


a couple of days ago I posted my favorite perfume at the moment which is Avon Passion fruit but the truth is that I started using body spray on the photo below first. I used up around a third of the bottle when the Passion fruit fragrance came into my life and swept me of my feet.

Avon naturals Green tea and Verbena scented spritz (it is a body spray). In my last empties I showed you the matching body lotion and I started to use them at about the same time but I go through lotions so much faster.
I have been spraying myself like crazy with it because it is just not that strong and I always spray it on my clothes and hair so the scent lasts a bit longer but even that doesn't help. The scent itself is nice, very refreshing like I just got out of a cold shower and I put on freshly washed clothes. It smells very clean, green and a little bit flowery. Now I mix it with the Passion fruit and the combination is still very fruity but also refreshing and I love the combo, especially in this hot weather.
I think the scent is nice and suitable for a lot of people but lack of longevity is a downfall for me and I don't think I will repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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