30 August 2016



I already posted my empties in the middle of the month, like usual and for the empties at the end of the moth I decided to split them into two posts since I accumulated way too much stuff. Today I'm showing you the first half.

First we have Lee Stafford dry shampoo in the mid brown shade. This is my favorite dry shampoo out of the ones I tried and are still available (I like the Batiste brunette and Avon AT but each has one thing about them that bothers me slightly, this pink bottle has it all). This shade blends in perfectly, it smells like hair saloon product and after the scent settles it really smells like clean hair, what I love the most and I haven't found in any other dry shampoo is when I go through my hair with my fingers I don't get that powdery residue on them. That really is important to me, with this one in my hair not only that they look clean, when I tease them, it also feels like that. So, now you would expect that I will say that I will repurchase it forever but sadly I won't unless if money starts growing on trees. This small bottle is expensive, the last time I checked it was 8-9€, to me that is too much.

Next, in the black tube is Avon Anew total body age repair moisturizer. I think this is supposed to work against cellulite, tighten the skin... I honestly haven't noticed any difference but that could also be because this is old, I can't even remember when this was available. The scent was very faint to the point that after putting on my pj I can't smell it anymore. It was nice, moisturizing but that is it. I'm happy that it is gone so now I can enjoy something else.

Cute purple tube with a kitty belongs to the Holika Holika Petit Moisture BB cream. This was one of my first Asian BB creams, it was so cheap but almost to good to be true. I reviewed it back when I just started the blog and photos aren't super helpful but everything I wrote about it is still true. A little longer review is here. So really quick, this is still sold but with a different packaging and the tube is now blue (I haven't tried the new version so I don't know if it is still exactly the same but I will order it soon). The shade is not super pale so I had to mix something lighter in it to get my shade, the coverage is buildable and you can reach really high opacity to the point where you don't need a concealer. It has a slight flowery scent but nothing too disturbing, this formula is great for dry skin type as it is dewy, I used powder and it worked fine. I have a backup tube of it and when I'm done I will order the new packaging to see if it is still the same.

Last tube is Aldo Vandini Volume lip balm. I talked about it here. I still love it how moisturizing it was and the lovely pink shine it had but mine tube exploded. Once it just cracked open at the other end where I put black metal string to keep it together. I used it for a couple more days but then I just couldn't prepare myself to use it even though there is still some left, probably enough to get me through one more month. The product was exposed to the air and started to come out and creating a mess so I'm tossing it but I will miss it. I still have a lot of balms to go through but I just might repurchase this little baby.

The last product in the middle is Skin Food charcoal jelly cleansing konjac sponge. I've heard so much good about konjac sponges, everybody raves how soft their skin feels after they use it since it slightly exfoliate your skin, everyone was claiming how clear their faces become... I was using it every single day, morning and night for two months and I haven't notice anything. I used less face wash since this foamed my gel wash better but that is it. I still have acne, nothing is cleared out because of this guy and I still need proper scrubs to get my face smooth. Would I repurchase it? No. I just don't see how could this help me.

This was part one, for tomorrow I have prepared second part with slightly more products.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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