30 April 2017



today I'm finishing this month with the second part of my empties.

I will start with the Avon Advance Techniques Instant repair shampoo with keratin power. It is supposed to be for damaged hair and while my hair aren't in that state I used it because I thought that some extra moisture and care in general will do them good but when I used the shampoo on its own my hair looked a bit dry and straw-like. I also have and use the conditioner from the same line and in combination with the shampoo it made my hair better so, if I used the shampoo alone the results were not so good but if I topped it off with a generous layer of conditioner my hair looked normal. I think that the conditioner is really good but the shampoo is a fail for me. I still have some more of the conditioner left which I will probably repurchase but the shampoo is a no no for me.

I have been using this Avon Senses Sensual Mystique body wash with exotic Rose and Jasmine which I found at the back of my cosmetic drawl. I have been enjoying this wash and it makes me a bit sad that it is gone because I love everything Rose. I replace it with the fruitier scent but I will repurchase it soon.

Second body moisturizer for the month is Avon Skin so Soft endless touch soothing gelled body oil (the version in a spray bottle is still available). The texture was quite liquid-y and I had to be really careful while opening the tube because I could spill the entire product, not the best packaging but the scent made it worth it. It had the most gorgeous lavender and chamomile scent ever, very comforting and soothing. I'm not sure if I want to get the liquid version but I might because the tube is nowhere to be found in the brochure.

Second to last is Afrodita's Hydra thermal 24h moisturizing face cream. It had a fast absorbing formula which moisturized pretty well and I used it at night. It was a nice cream but it didn't knock my socks off so I won't be repurchasing it. There is nothing wrong with it I'm just looking for something spectacular and sadly this one isn't.

The last item is make-up and it is old Avon glimmerstick in already discontinued shade Textured Teal. It is essentially black with green reflex to it. On the eye where I make thin line you can't really see it but on a thicker swatch you can. For me the color was okay but the staying power and its resilience to smudge impressed me, so after I'm done with a couple of pencils I'm buying some more shades.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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