06 May 2017

H&M cosmetics


today it was a lovely Saturday and I visited the closest H&M store simply because I needed some smart clothes for work but I didn't stop there. I wandered into the make-up section to see what hidden gems could be found. I only have one cream blush from them which was a gift from my sister (I looked over for some cream products and they were absolutely disgusting, so much fuzz and dust was in there, I have a feeling no one cleans the samples or cares about them, do they manage to sell any? The new products are stored in a sealed boxes so they aren't contaminated but doesn't your stomach turn inside out when you see something so nasty?) However, I picked two powder eye shadows and two blue nail polishes (in my recent Catrice haul I also bought two blue paints and I swear they aren't exactly the same, they are close but not the same).

The lightest varnish is Clean Slate. I hoped that it would be a dupe for my beloved Essence Forget me not shade but this one seems a little dustier but it also has a cream finish. I will have to see if I will love it as much once it will be on my nails.
The second and darker color looks very intense in the bottle and it is called Inky Ink and I will probably give it to my mom because she like to paint her toenails with dark blue shades and she just used up her last bottle. If I will give it to her I will make sure I will try it on my nails as well so we can be nail polish twins ;)

When H&M came out with this revamped beauty line everyone was buying and testing it but now the craze calmed down I rarely hear anyone talking about it. Does that mean that people aren't as impressed by it or the higher price point just turns people off? I decided to get the two singles but I also had the neutral eye shadow palette on my wishlist. If I will like these two I might go back and pick the palette and some more.
The top and more golden is Baci di Dama and the more neutral, taupe like is Mojave. They are both shimmery and neutral, just how I like my shadows.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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