23 May 2017

Little Miss Sunshine


Essence team kindly send me this fun looking lipstick among other products and it was the first one I tried.

Essence released under Next stop: Summer TE two lipsticks and for today I picked the purple/pink version called Little Miss Sunshine.

It looks a bit scary if you normally only wear neutral and softer colors but I already knew that it was color changing lipstick and I was very intrigued at how it will turn on my lips (it reacts with the warmth of your skin). It has a nice light fruity scent and the lipstick itself is very creamy and easy to get on the lips but after 15-20 minutes it kind of dries and I can't feel it anymore. It leaves a stain and if you are careful it can last on you for a couple of hours (after eating I had to reapply to keep the color even but it also intensify the color with every layer).

On me it turned into a hot fuchsia pink and while I think it looks good against my complexion I'm not feeling it at the moment so I passed it to my mom who loves colors like that. She loves Essence lipsticks (her favorite is within Sheer & Shine line) and I had a strong feeling that she will like this one as well and she does. Just yesterday she called me and told me that she loves the bright pink color and the fact that it stains impressed her as well because she can't reapply lipstick at work.
I think this is a nice lipstick if you are looking for a bright color and if you appreciate a good stain, on the other hand it is not very moisturizing (because it dries into a stain) so you might wan't to keep it with you while on the go or you can apply clear balm on top of it every so often.

Thank you Essence team for letting me try it and I can say thank you in my mom's name as well since she will use it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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