20 May 2017



lately I have been all about finding the perfect primer for my oily skin. I need something really mattifying and silicone-y. Some look nice and promising after I apply them because they fill in my pores and give my skin that smooth texture without excessive shine but I have realized that after a couple of hours most products surrender. I remember Avon had this product when I was in high school and I would buy little sample tubes and use without any make-up on top (my skin was great back then, just oily) so I decided to test it out again but this time with make-up on top.

 Avon mark magix face primer comes in a handy 30 ml tube which is pretty easy to squeeze and you get just the right amount of product.

The nozzle is small and dosage is easy. The product itself has a very faint cream scent which doesn't bother me, once it is on the face I can't detect it. The texture is soft and it spreads easily and fast, the skin feels soft and pores are filled (that sounds promising). It doesn't have any color but skin still looks blurred.

I think that my BB creams look very nice on top right after applying it but it fails to keep my skin oil free through the day.  After just a couple of hours my make-up starts to crack and separate and I can only blame this particular primer for that.
I think if your skin is pretty normal you could like it but for oily people I think this is a no go, maybe with a different make-up on top it would work but I can't prepare myself to use it once again just because it looks so terrible after lunch.
I will leave this one for the cooler months and maybe then it will be more suitable for my skin, in the meantime I have two other primers to try and report back.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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