28 May 2017

Two shopping days


I think in one of my more recent posts I said that I will try not to pile make-up and I will rather try to use up what I already have. That is all good but from time to time I have to treat myself with some colorful bits and since my habit isn't expensive I don't feel too guilty.

I visited two different shops and bought some necessities and some extras as well.

On top there is 'new' Essence ultra last lip liner in the  Rosewood High shade. They promise smooth application and waterproof formula, my only hope is that it will survived one meal and I will be happy with it.

Then we have tried and trusted Alverde Rose oil about which I talked here. I haven't had it for almost one year and when I saw it on the shelf I quickly snatch it because I genuinely miss it. The only difference I can spot is that new bottle doesn't come with the plastic see through lid on top of a dropper.

I am a big fan of Catrice camouflage cream in a pot but I also wanted to try the liquid version in the 'bottle' ever since it came out. I finally decided to take a plunge and I picked the lighter version which is 005 Light Natural. On the first glance it looks very light, maybe even lighter than my overall skin, maybe I will learn how to highlight with a concealer next.

Onto the colorful item, it is my first Lavera item and it is So fresh mineral rouge powder in Charming Rose. This color looked so fresh and welcoming that I just couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for this type of bright coral shades.

The last product has the most fun looking packaging and I wanted this shadow ever since I swatched it in the store and then sadly realized that there is only sample left. One week and a half later I tracked it down in different store and I picked it up without any hesitation. The swatch felt buttery soft and super pigmented, the color itself is very neutral looking matte brown,perfect for my crease. It is Essence Live, laugh, celebrate LE eye shadow in the very popular shade T.G.I.F.

I'm excited to use the oil again and for the make-up? I think I'm equally enthusiastic about all of the items.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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