27 April 2017

Project polish


it is time to update you with my project polish progress. This time around I am ditching five bottles and not all of them are completely empty...

First is a bright shimmery Miss Sporty in the 404 shade. Not my favorite shade but the shimmer made it look better, I loved it with neutral clothing because this color on my nails provided a lot of cick and flare.

Next is a beautiful lavender color from Essence Blossoms etc. line in the shade Bloom a Loom. For a close up of this beauty click here. It is not original by any means but if you like colors like that...

Third was a part of Essence magnetics line. The instructions at the back reads that after applying it on the nail you use the magnet which creates patterns while the polish is drying. I tried this once or twice but I didn't like the result too much so I used it like a regular polish (my nails are too curvy for this kind of art). This bottle of  Hex, Hex! isn't completely empty but I'm tossing it because I had major tip wear the next day and I just don't have the time to redo my nails every day so I'm ditching it.

Second to last is Catrice Forget me not shade. It is a bright purple with tons of sparkle which doesn't need the sun to shine. My bottle isn't completely empty , there is still enough polish left for two or three manicures but I figure out that he formula is too old. After I used it the polish didn't dry, it stayed damp and it smudged all over. I'm retiring it but I will try to find something similar because this shade had the ability to lighten up any bad days I might had.

And the last one for this month is a Bichun 673. It goes on clear but it has rather big holographic glitter particles with some half moons tossed in the mix, the moons however started to lift after a day or two and got caught into fabrics and torn some of my tights or they simply fell off. I wasn't a big fan of the chunky glitter but it did made some of my 'boring' polishes a bit more interesting.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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