27 November 2015

Can a nail polish go bad?


I have been asking myself that question for a long time and my answer was always no. Yes, they sometimes do get a bit thick but nail polish thinner can fix all that. I have always been storing my polishes in drawls in my room and they have always been fine until I saw those two bad boys.

Essence I'm the boss & I'm bluetiful

They are already discontinued shades by Essence. The first, grey one is called I'm the boss and the other one is I'm bluetiful. I have them for around three years now and a lot of others are even olden but they seem fine to me. 
The polishes still have nice consistency, they don't need thinner. The problem is seen on the outside. 
Can you see that both of them look a bit muddy on the bottom?

They both contains small white flakes (you can see it on the caps). I don't know what happened with the grey one but when I'm applying it the flakes are barely visible. It seem like they dissolved or something and the blue one lost its brightness. It almost looks grey once it is applied (the cap is supposed to match the color inside of the bottle and you can see how much different it is on the blue one).

Is it just me or have you experienced  something similar?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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