22 November 2015

New glazewear lip glosses


I couldn't resist and recently I bought two more lip glosses from Avon core line. They came out with five shades and since I couldn't find decent swatches I took a plunge and ordered the shades that convinced me the most.

Avon ultra glazwear lip glosses in Mulberry (top) and Naturally Bare (bottom)

They are Avon ultra glazewear shades in Mulberry and Naturally Bare. I decided to go with pink shades since this color family is the least presented in my lip gloss collection. They both have typical texture which is not sticky at all but because of that they are also not as long lasting as I would like, but at the end I appreciate the feel on the lips and these glosses feel very pleasant and moisturizing. I knew that I will like them but wasn't sure about the shades and since Avon has great return policy I wasn't worried.

Avon ultra glazwear lip glosses in  Naturally Bare and Mulberry

The first shade is Naturally Bare and it is milky pink shade. This kind of shade that likes to settle into lip lines and if your lips are a bit pigmented it doesn't look good. My lips are unfortunately just like that, so I will return this unappealing shade.

The second one Mulberry is on the other hand gorgeous. It looks very natural and I would say it is the perfect mix of pink and naturally nude shade. I will wear it a lot especially with more bold eye looks or on days when I would like to wear something very natural. 

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