14 November 2015

Avon super extend winged out mascara


today I have two confessions about mascaras to make. I only use Avon mascaras because they have never failed on me. I can get them quite cheap (I honestly don't even know how much mascara costs in the store) and they really delivers what they promise. The other confession is that I don't throw mascara out after three months of use. I don't like my mascaras to be super wet and the texture gets just right after a month or two and since I don't use it every single day I don't feel the need to throw away a product that is still full and stinks just like the brand new one. Anyone else feels me on this?

Avon super extend winged out mascara

I have been using this one for a while now. It is Avon super extend winged out mascara (super long name that's what it is) in brown/black. I don't pick it up in standard black color because I feel that it would be to harsh on me even though this color is very dark almost black. 

It has rubber wand which is my favorite. I feel that this type nicely combs through lashes and really separate them. I don't like glued together lashes but I prefer something that individualize them and makes them longer. This baby delivers just that, it has fibers in so it really makes your lashes look longer. So far I love it and I will love it even more when the formula will dry a notch.
I am giving five thumbs up for this one.

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