30 November 2015

Lovely rose petals


I just recently tried this illuminating base nail polish by Avon. In the bottle it appears slightly blue tinted so it counteracts with yellow stained nails. I have to admit that it works, when worn on it's own my nails look better, glossy and non stained. But when I put colored nail polish on top then things become tricky. If you think I decorated this photo with lovely rose petals...

Avon nail illuminating base coat

... well I would say look again. This is Avon nail illuminating base coat and I usually wear it on its own but when I decided to top it of with some nice reddish color it just came off.
I did my dishes and noticed that one nail was bare, I checked the rest and on some I noticed that polish started to lift and I pulled it and it came right off the entire layer came off. I have a feeling that they should add in the description that this is also peel off  base coat. Lesson learned. Next time I will try it with some hardcore sand finish or glitter polish. Do you have some similar experience?

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