08 November 2015

tinted lip balm


today I decided to write about another lip product. More specifically it is a red tinted lip balm.

Avon tinted lip balm Soothing Strawberry 

This is Avon tinted lip balm in the shade Soothing Strawberry. Can we talk about the packaging first? It is the same as it is for the lipsticks but in the white version so you can distinguish them among your lipsticks. I love it and secretly I wish they would change all the packaging into white. 

Avon tinted lip balm Soothing Strawberry 

It doesn't have any scent but it does have a little bit of a taste. I can't put my finger at what it is because it is very faint but I would say it is a bit orange-y. I rubbed my lips before I apply it to make sure there is nothing on them and I swear it has a bit of a taste. It doesn't bother me but I do lick my lips more often than normally. 

The shade I choose was basic red, they also have hot pink and peach version (I might pick this one as well). The product is soft and very pigmented. You don't need to rub much, sometimes one layer is enough but if you want a bit better more even look two or three layers should do it. This is the most pigmented tinted balm I have tried. I have been using it all day long and it did created a bit of a stain, so now I use it a couple of times and then I layer it with a clear balm or gloss.
It is wet looking on the lips and it transfers onto the glasses but if you are careful it wears off nicely. 

I really like it, it is moisturizing and properly tinted. I love red lips so this is great for me. As I mentioned I might pick the peach-y shade as well because at the moment I love peach color on my lips.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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