23 November 2015

Always on Point


today I'm coming back to you with an eyeliner that put a spell on me. It is a brand new product from Avon and I got a chance to try it out. Actually the packaging draw my intention because it is supposed to be self sharpening and second thing is that they came out with three new shades (I have checked the brochure and apparently only these three shades are available).

Avon Always on Point Molten Pewter

This is Avon Always on Point Molten Pewter eyeliner. I choose this shade because it looked special and unique plus I couldn't find any swatches online, probably because it is a new product so I just wanted to try it out. Before I start talking about the color I would like to say a word or two about the packaging. In order to open the pencil you have to twist the cap and there is a small tip (you can see it on the photo) you can not adjust it (you can't twist the pencil to get more product out). So you are operating with a tiny tip and when it wears off you twist the cap back on, twist it off and there is again the perfect tip. Because of that I have no idea how much product I have left. If my explanation isn't clear you can check this video in which you can see it better:

That on the photo is the sharpened tip, you can't make it pointier or longer and just for the reference I added a closer photo of the end of the pencil. This is colored plastic that matches the pencil. It does nothing else than display the color.

Avon Always on Point Molten Pewter swatch

The pencil itself is very soft and creamy, no eye pulling there (that is the reason that I would like to get the other two shades as well, Molten Rose and Molten Sky). It is very metallic and shimmery. The color is a mix between silver and khaki green. It has a dimension and creates effect that you are wearing at least two different shades on the eye. It looks great on the bottom lash line because it is light enough to open up the eye and metallic finish on the outer corner naturally creates a shadow.
The color also last. As I mentioned the pencil is super soft but it dries after a couple of minutes, shimmer does transfer a bit but the color stays put.

The self sharpening packaging works really well, I love the color and I am intrigue to try more shades form this line.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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