06 November 2015

ARTDECO eye shadow base


this time I will talk about my Holy Grail product. I have very oily lids and I tried a couple of other bases and nothing worked until this one came into my life. I heard good things about it and I decided to buy it and I don't regret it. I purchased it at the end of March this year and I still have tons of product left.

ARTDECO eye shadow base

It is ARTDECO eye shadow base. It come in this little pot which contains 5 g and costs around 6 or 7€. Quite cheap if you ask me. I would prefer different packaging because the more I use it the harder I get the product out. I am sure every lady with longer nails understand my issue. But none the less I figure it out and I manage to get the product out without getting it under my nails.

The product itself looks beige, skin colored but when I apply it on it doesn't really cover anything so it is more or less colorless but it does have some shimmer. Sometimes I use it on its own because I don't mind shimmer but if you prefer matte eye shadows the shimmer doesn't show through. 

Since I started using it I wear eye shadows on a daily base because now I know they will last all day long. It doesn't matter if I use cheap or more expensive eye shadows, matte or shimmery, loose pigment or cream product this little boy handles all of them. 
This has become my staple in my make-up routine and I will keep buying it. I recommend you to try it if you have oily lids and if you can find it in the store you won't regret it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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