05 November 2015

Avon Glossy Pencils


I finally properly tested these two boys and I have some mixed feelings about them. I will wear and used them up but they aren't so great as I expected to be at least one of them isn't.

Avon Glossy Pencils Glossy Ruby and Glossy Rose 

They are by Avon Color Trend and they are called Glossy Pencils. They aren't super big but because they are chubbier you still probably get a lot of product. The packaging is white plastic and at the bottom there is colorful ring that is supposed to match the product you get. At first I thought you can twist them up but it turned out that I have to sharpen them (what a bummer, sometimes I get lazy wit the sharpener).

The first one is called Glossy Ruby and the other one is Glossy Rose. They are really soft not so soft that they would break but when you put them on they glide and moisturize my lips while I'm wearing them. The formula is really nice. They aren't sticky or tacky they feel like a proper lightweight lip balm.

Avon Glossy Pencils Glossy Ruby 

Ruby shade looks a bit deeper but when I apply it on my lips it is not as dark as it looks in the packaging. It covers my lips evenly and fades away nicely. I feel it is a nice lip balm with red tint that is not as serious as lipstick might be but still not as overwhelming as sometimes lip glosses are. I know I will wear this beauty tons through cold autumn weather.

Avon Glossy Pencils Glossy Rose 

This next shade is called Glossy Rose. I don't know about you but when I see a lip product with a rose mentioned in the name I imagine something more pink but this one is warm beige with tons of shimmer. It even looks a bit frosty but is not as pigmented as the first one so I think it is not horrible. I didn't wore it on it's own but I ether top it of with a gloss or I added just one layer over some peach lipsticks to add a bit gloss and shine. This is not my preferred color or finish but I will make it work.

For the end I saved swatches. I took gazillion photos but none of them shows the colors nicely. Ruby shade is actually a bit more vivid but with the Rose one is what you see, barely any color just some shimmer.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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