10 November 2015

Salmon Nude


not that long time ago (maybe two weeks ago) I got into blushes. Before that I have never worn one but now I own three and today I will show you one that I think is my favorite.

Tony Moly Cheektone blush Salmon Nude

This is Tony Moly Cheektone blush in the shade Salmon Nude. I have to admit that I purchased this one without seeing any proper swatches online. I just liked the name and based on that I placed my order. On the picture the color is pretty darn close. I thought that it will be a bit more pinky-peachy shade since they named it Salmon but it looks quite orange-y but it blends in nicely. 

On my super pale skin this one looks amazing if I may say. It has no shimmer but still it makes my skin glow a bit and I blame this particular color for that. I think peachy blushes makes you look healthier and this one does just that. It revitalizes my complexion without looking unnatural. I would show you how it looks on me but my camera hates me.

Tony Moly Cheektone blush Salmon Nude swatch

Here it is on my hand and you can barely notice it. My face is a bit lighter than my hand and it shows a bit better but it is not super pigmented. I don't mind if the blush is not over pigmented I actually think this is even better because no one wants clown checks. It is easier to layer more sheer stuff than deal with crazy pigment at least in my opinion.
There are six more shades with lovely names such as Marmalade or Deep Kiss Lover or Wink Coral... for now I have enough blushes but when I will feel like I need one more blush  I will definitely cheek this line and pick some more Cheektone blushes from Tony Moly.

Thank you foe reading and have a nice day 

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