25 November 2015

Cult product


I don't quite know why exactly it took me so long to finally try this product. Maybe because it is a cult product and everybody loves it and my previous experiences have thought me that that doesn't mean that it will work for me. It took me approximately half a year to buy it and then it was sitting in my drawl for a couple of weeks and now I finally used it. I only used it once but I already build strong opinion about it.

Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes 

This is Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes. In our drugstores there are available only the three colored versions. I choose the medium brown one and it blends in perfectly. I have blond strands mixed in so I think the blond version would also be ok for me. 
I would like to touch the scent first. I know everyone loves the scented ones but I have never heard anyone talk about these and their scent. To me this one smells like old socks. Not really nice, right? Thankfully this smell disappear and at least I can't detect it after a while. Other than that this product really is great. The best dry shampoo I ever tried. I love that it sinks in and it is not detectable. It doesn't make my hair overly matte like some others do.
They also kept the nice price tag, in Slo. drugstores it retails for 4,99€ which I think for a 200 ml is ok.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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