24 November 2015

Tony Moly primer


today I will introduce to you my very first primer. I always thought that this is unnecessary step and I never gave any attention to them. Recently I decided to be more open about make-up and try new things (hello lip liner and blush). I choose this green  tinted primer to help reduce my redness.

Tony Moly Baby Doll Delight make-up base in Clear Mint

This is Tony Moly Baby Doll Delight make-up base in Clear Mint (there is also Clear Lavender version).  I noticed that my bb-creams apply better and I don't get as shiny/greasy as usually. It allows bb-creams to stay dewy but not overly greasy. 

The color is almost white with a hint of mint. It is more liquid as I expected but nothing I can't handle it. The tube holds 30 ml product and this will last me for a really long time since you need the tiniest amount. I don't think the green tint in it makes my skin less pink but because it is so pale it lighten up my entire face. The other shade, lavender, also looks so light that there is probably no reason to own both because they do the same thing, makes you paler. I don't mind the tint since I apply bb- cream on top and I look human again  ;) 
I like this primer but I feel I can't really judge it properly because it is the first I ever tried. Don't worry I already ordered another different one  ;)
I have one complaint about it. I know that it is not meant to be worn on its  own and there is a good reason behind it. I suggest to apply little by little because thicker coat is harder to move around and it doesn't blend in your skin properly. You end up looking all pale uneven and patchy, it really doesn't look good but when I start layering bb-cream they somehow melt together and the result is much better almost airbrushed.
I will continue using it because I like the finished result and so far it doesn't break me out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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