01 December 2015

December is here


I didn't want to wait for that long with this post but apparently it was meant to be like this. Actually it is perfect. This is Essence advent calendar for this year and you are supposed to start open the little doors today. I was sneaky and oped some doors and start trying product because I was so curious that I couldn't wait till today. If you want to see what exactly is inside you can check on Pink Diamond blog.

Essence advent calendar

I decided that I will not show you all of the products at once but I will stretch it through entire month and I will show you how they actually looks on the nails, since majority of the items are nail polishes (20 to be exact).
At first I didn't have intention to hunt it down since I had a feeling that most of the products wouldn't be worth it but then I saw post on Pink Diamond blog I decided to get it.
Tomorrow you can expect to see the first color.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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