09 December 2015

Liquid freeze


I feel that I focused more on nails and nail related products this month and today is another must item every time I do my nails.

Avon liquid freeze quick dry nail spray

This is Avon liquid freeze quick dry nail spray and it has become a constant in my routine. When I'm done painting my nails I spray it over my nails (one spray is enough for one hand, I would suggest you spraying it over paper because this makes every surface very slippery, specially dangerous are slippery floor).  It really dries the surface faster but underneath the polish is still wet so I handle with care. I leave it on for around 10 minutes and then I rinse it off (it is greasy) and then I do whatever I want. If I don't use this spray I get sheet marks or finger prints all over or random dents in it but with this baby sprayed over nail polish hardens faster and my manicure looks better.

One bottle contains 50 ml and I'm still on my first one but I already purchased a backup bottle (Avon recently had it on sale for 2,50 €, I just couldn't pass it). 

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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