19 December 2015

Essence advent calendar X


here I have another beautiful color to show it to you. I love wearing grey or lavender toned nails and this color, when you look the bottle seems like it combines both shades. I have two or three polishes that are a perfect mix of those two shades and I have to say that they are my absolute favorite.

Essence My dear reindeer

This beauty is Essence My dear reindeer. On the photo you can see that it is not completely grey, it has lavender hues in it as well. Unfortunately they don't transfer that well on the nails. Mostly it looks just grey but since I like grey nails (I don't find grey color to be boring at all) I like it a lot. I compared it with other similar ones in my stash and I couldn't find anything similar.

Essence My dear reindeer

When I was applying it it surprised me that it dried matte. Somehow I didn't liked it and also what happens with pretty much all of my mattes is that they apply a bit uneven and they look bumpy not smooth. It bugged me so much that I applied shiny top coat which conceals unevenness.
I'm really happy with the color but I wish they would make the regular formula (not matte).

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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