11 December 2015

Mystery Mauve


here is my favorite lip liner. I'm still a rookie at lining my lips so I tried to choose from the Avon brochure the most neutral color for myself.

Avon glimmerstick lip liner in Mystery Mauve

This is Avon glimmerstick lip liner in Mystery Mauve. It is retractable and surprisingly easy to use. If you don't press to much you can get really natural look but if you go with full force you get a strong brown/mauve lip.

The tip is even, round but when I apply it I do it under certain angle so now it looks tilted but it helps me get that precision I want. As I mention above I love this formula, it completely melts with the lips and it looks matte but not too dry (if you want to wear it on its own it looks great but eventually your lips will get dry if you don't use lip balm). I always apply lipstick on top because I don't like the look of the lip liner on its own. What I wanted to say is that the lipstick glides over like butter and it definitely prolongs the wear. This baby convinced me that lip liners aren't outdated but actually very useful.

Avon glimmerstick lip liner in Mystery Mauve swatch

This color looks quite natural on me if I apply thin coat but on the days when I feel like wearing plum lipstick this really makes the best base for it. I also have a lot of bright pink lipsticks (I had a phase with them) but now I just don't fell like wearing fuchsia pink lips so I just dab it on top of this muted colored liner and the colors mesh together so nicely.

I'm definitely sold on the whole lip liner idea and especially the ones from Avon. In the future I will probably pick another shade to have more versatility, maybe more nude or pink version.

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