16 December 2015

Essence advent calendar VIII


my nails are already shining in another color. I really liked the previous metallic shade but since there are a lot of other colors in the calendar that I haven't touched I decided to swap it with something darker.

Essence The night of magic

I just had to include the photo with this saying on it. I can't but agree that the girl is only helpless while her nail polish is drying.

Essence The night of magic
Here on this photo it is more obvious that this baby is dark blue and not black. It is called The night of magic (and the night is very dark  ;).

Essence The night of magic

On the nails it also looks almost black and since I'm not a huge fan on black or near black polishes I don't think I will leave it like that for long. Probably tomorrow I will update you with some decoration on them.
I'm not sure how obvious it is that it doesn't dry super shiny, it is not matte but I would say something in the middle. It applied like a dream and two coats are enough for perfection.

I love the formula but I only wish that they would made it more obvious blue.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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