02 December 2015

Essence advent calendar I


today is the day when I will show you the first polish from the Essence advent calendar. In total you get 20 polishes and four nail related products. All of the nail polishes have the I ♥  trends bottle design and I expected to be the same but I was in for a surprise. All of the regular I ♥  trends bottles contains 8 ml, these are smaller, they hold only 5 ml. I just wanted you to know.in case you expected full sized bottles.

Essence Meet me at the Chimney

This is Meet me at the Chimney and it is very light pistachio cream color. I honestly have nothing like that (probably because I'm not huge on green nails).

But somehow this color spoke to me, I couldn't wait to try it out and I had a clear vision to put matte top coat on top. Essence had the same idea and made it matte but this shows in the formula. It is a bit hard to apply because it dries fast. I would much prefer if they would make regular formula and I would put matte top coat on the top. 

Essence Meet me at the Chimney

This is how it looks on the nails, it is pretty but hard to manipulate, I applied three thin coats to achieve somewhat even application and nice even layer. It requires more time and patience but at the end I think it is worth it.
What do you think, do you like the color?

Thank you for reading and have an nice day 

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