25 December 2015

Cheek chalk


today I will show you the blush that made me realize that I love cream textures. I find it much easier to apply cream product on my cheeks than powder one. I like using my fingers and blend it with my fingertips. Even if I over do it I just pat it until I get to desired tone/opacity.

Skin Food Cheek chalk Rose Peach

This cute little pot is from Skin Food and it is called Cheek chalk. Mine is in the shade Rose Peach (there is also pink version called Rose Pink and coral one named Rose Orange).

On the skin it is beautiful. I think peach shades on the cheeks makes you look healthier (especially if you are as pale as I am). This one also gives radiance because of the subtle golden shine which can be seen when you move your head (or on swatches you can see it on the second picture). When worn, it looks like I have applied highlighter. I think it is very easy to use and also it doesn't take to much time in the morning.

Skin Food Cheek chalk sponge

It comes with little sponge which is usable. I rub it into the actual blush and dab on the skin. The third time I washed it this happened. Little holes appeared, it looks like rats started eating it but I don't have pets (my flat is actually pretty small and I think I would notice if I would have a roommate). Now I tossed it and I'm not sure how to use this blush. The pot is small and my nails are long. Maybe I will try with another random sponge or I will invest in a little stippling brush that will fit into small opening.

I love everything about this blush. The shade is great, color payoff is on point, golden shimmer build in highlight is magnificent, small pot is convenient to travel around but the sponge that comes with it is crap. Well, I won't let this inconvenience put me down and I will soon find a way how to use it properly.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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