30 December 2015

Coco Rose & Cherry Blossom


today I decided to change things up a bit so I choose some lip products. This time there are two but from the same brand and line but still different from each other.

Figs & Rouge lip balms in Coco Rose and Cherry Blossom

I'm talking about Figs & Rouge lip balms. The one in the pink packaging with the flamingos is called Coco Rose and the color is blush pink. The scent is very specific, it smells like roses and it is spot on. It reminds me of the Alverde rose oil and honestly it feels so weird to apply it on my lips, it doesn't feel right. I keep thinking that it can't come in my mouth. Which is a problem since all of the lip products eventually ends up in my mouth.
The second one is called Cherry Blossom which actually smells like Haribo gummy bears and the shade is soft cherry. I haven't used it a lot but enough to see how different they are from each other.

Figs & Rouge lip balms in Coco Rose and Cherry Blossom swatch

First is Cherry Blossom. The shade is nice cherry red and it doesn't contain any glitter particles.
The second is Coco Rose, it is pale pink with tons of silver glitter. It is a bit oilier and that makes it softer, more liquid-y when it comes out of the tube.

Here you can see the shades better. They sheer out when  put them on lips. Cherry Blossom is slightly tinted and I like that. The Coco Rose first looks pink but on the lips it is clear with a lot of glitter which is a bit rough. I definitely feel it when I rub my lips together.

I just have to show you the packaging more up close. To me liquid lip products that comes in a tube are the most practical since you can apply them on the go, you just press the tube on the lip and smear it all over but here you can see that this is impossible. The opening is huge and you can't apply it straight from the tube. I put it on the back of my hand and apply it with my finger or a brush but when you are walking or on the bus you really don't have time to do it.

I was so excited to see them on sale since they aren't so cheap. I picked these two and I had high hopes. First the packaging is a total fail in my books, second Coco Rose scent reminds me of something else and I feel uncomfortable wearing it on my lips and the third complaint is the non existing color packed with rough glitter. I wish I wouldn't purchased this one. Thankfully I'm almost gone with it, I was mixing it with my body lotion just to use it up. On the other hand I quite like the Cherry Blossom. The packaging is of course the same but the color is nice. It is very softly red tinted  with no glitter. I will use this one with joy.

My review is mixed because the products differ from each other but mostly it is just a personal taste, maybe someone likes their lip balm to be full of glitter or doesn't like red tint. We are all different and like different stuff.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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