14 December 2015

Essence advent calendar VIII


today I'm wearing gorgeous color on my nails. It is so shiny that I can't focus on anything else than my digits.

Essence Do you hear the jingle bells?

This is also limited edition color that comes only in the advent calendar. It is called Do you hear the jingle bells? There are a lot of similar colors floating around but I always found them to be too yellow toned or there were obvious brush marks. I liked it on other people but I couldn't picture it on my self. My sister has similar color from Catrice (I'm pretty sure it is long discontinued) and I love that one, so I have been looking for something similar. I would say that this one comes close but it is probably a bit more bronze toned.

Essence Do you hear the jingle bells? 

I included two photos of the same polish just to show how different it can look. On the second photo it looks a bit washed out but it is just because I was standing right in front of the window and natural light washed it out a bit but it is still highly metallic and shiny.
Does anyone else have problems with opening those tiny bottles? I find out that all of them are screwed so tightly I can open them up after 5-10 minutes or trying really hard.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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