31 December 2015

Essence advent calendar XVI


for the last day in the year I decided I will show you what is on my nails. It is jet another Essence nail polish in on of my favorite colors but did I liked it?

Essence What a grey-t night!

His name is What a grey-t night!  It is a light grey polish with fine pink/gold shimmer which is seen only in a strong light. The color is unique at least to me. I usually pair my grey polishes with something silver but this one totally convinced me that gold and grey goes hand in hand.

Essence What a grey-t night!

This is how this beauty looks on the nails. The warmth of the shimmer reminds me of the colorful sunset, right? This one is a total winner for me but the formula is not as great as expected. The problem I have with this one is that it doesn't dry completely. After half an hour or so I expect my nails to be completely dry but this one isn't, I'm seeing lots of dents in it. I bump with my nails a lot and everything shows on the surface, I even used my Avon liquid freeze which helped a bit but not completely. It is a real bummer because this one is one of the most beautiful polishes that I own.

Thank you for reading and have a nice New year

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