02 January 2016

Essence advent calendar XVII


happy New year. I hope that 2015 was great for you and that 2016 will be even better.
For today I decided to show you some top coats, two of them are from le calendar and the third one is also from a le but from years ago. They are all shown in the same order in all photos.

Essence See you in my dreams!, Message from the North pole & Feels so good

Here they are. All Essence limited edition toppers. The first two are from this years advent calendar and are called See you in my dreams! and Message from the North pole. The third one is from the Re-mix le and it is called Feels so good. They all look somewhat similar in the bottle and I was curious if there are any differences among them or I can give two of them away.

Essence See you in my dreams!, Message from the North pole & Feels so good

Here they are all painted over dark blue polish (it looks like there is purple base but I swear it is dark creme blue polish). 
See you in my dreams has the tiniest shimmer and dries with a more velvety finish.
Message from the North pole has almost flakes and what you see on the photo above is only one coat and it is semi-matte. It also looks more gold than pink.
Feels so good top coat dries into a high gloss finish and particles are more sparse compared with the other two ones.

I just couldn't help myself. I had to test them over something lighter because I don't think I will actually wear them over such dark polish. They are still different but it is not so obvious.
I think they are all beautiful and probably I will keep all of them to play around.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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