06 January 2016

Catrice is on sale


I hit the shops today to see if Catrice items are already on sale. Not only that they already reduced the prices but mostly everything was sold out. Imagine my surprise. I thought that the sales haven't even started yet. Even the Essence stand was half empty and the prices are still full. Apparently a lot of awesome products are leaving us because girls already bought everything. Well, after I visited three different drugstores I manged to find these two.

Catrice Princess Mattleine and Vanillaty Fair

I haven't tried them but I heard only good things about this line of eye shadows. I picked only the most neutral and light two shades. The first one, more flesh toned is called Princess Mattleine and off-white is Vanillaty Fair.
Probably this is all I will get from Catrice. I'm okay with it because they are really beautiful and I know I will wear them a lot but I wish I would get the palette as well, at least one for my sister.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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