24 January 2016



lip products have to be my favorite among beauty items. This weekend I spend counting how many I have and I have a lot, more than 100 lip products, yikes.
This made me realize that I certainly don't need more and I will try to hold back this year. I'm not saying that I will not buy any  (I think it would be impossible) but I will try to buy as little as possible. This also goes for e-bay purchases. I love browsing through Asian make-up brands because they are not sold here. If I want to buy something I have to rely on swatches I find online which are sometimes very misleading. A while ago I just couldn't pass this product and I gave him a fair share and here are my thoughts on it.

Missha Chiffon painting rouge CRD01

This is Missha Chiffon painting rouge in the shade CRD01. There is also Syrup version (the same packaging) but they are just lip glosses. For this I thought it will be a lip stain. I don't know how to call them but they are some sort of a lip creams.

It comes in a standard lip gloss packaging with a lip gloss applicator and it contains 6,4 g of product.

Missha Chiffon painting rouge CRD01

There are 10 shades to choose from and I randomly decided to get this rather neutral red shade. I thought it would work the best as a stain color but I was wrong.
The product is very creamy but not completely matte, I would say it is something between matte and shiny. It is highly pigmented and quite easy to use. For a perfect application I helped myself with a precise lip brush.
The problem is that it doesn't settle so when I drink it came right off.

Missha Chiffon painting rouge CRD01

I also tried to smear it with my fingers and use it more lightly, more as a stain. This is what it looks like. I know it looks like my camera was out of focus but it wasn't. When I started to blend the product into my skin it started to blur and the texture was very velvety and soft but it had no grip. I left it on my lips for an hour or two but it still transferred on my glass or tissue.

For me this is just too much of a hassle. I have to be super careful when wearing it and constantly checking if it is still on or is it on my teeth or skin around my mouth or...

Oh boy, this product really disappointed me and now I will be more careful when I will be ordering stuff online with barely any reviews available. Did you ever got burned with a product you bought online?

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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