05 January 2016

10. NOTD


I wore the red manicure for five days and today I decided that it is the time to switch. I dig out this super old nail polish and I have to admit it was a bit thick but a few drops of nail polish thinner solved it.

Essence magnetics Spell bound!

This is Essence magnetics in the shade Spell bound!. If I'm not mistaken this line doesn't exist anymore. When it came out I had to try it. First I bought the silver/gunmetal shade and realized that I don't like to use magnets with it. Yes, I bought another one but I just couldn't resist this color. It takes me a lot of time because you have to polish each nail individually and dry it with a magnet on top. Of course I came to close and smudged perfectly painted tips and I had to start all over. Now I use them like every other polish, I don't mess around with magnets anymore.

Essence magnetics Spell bound!

This is how it looks on the nails. Not to shabby for a thick varnish, right?
I have a feeling that I will get tired of it soon and I'm already looking for a perfect top coat to make it a bit more interesting.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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