31 January 2016

Melvita L'Or Bio


recently I wrote about one of my favorite face oils and when I went through my collection I rediscovered this one. When I purchased it I was using it non stop but then I accumulated a lot of oils and I forgot about this one for a while but I did used about one fifth of it already.

Melvita L'Or Bio - Extraordinary oil

It is Melvita L'Or Bio - Extraordinary oil. They basicaly mixed 5 different oils together to create this one. They used Argan, Kendi, Inca Inchi, Buriti and Pracaxi oil (I had lots of fun researching about them). I noticed that they changed the bottle but I think that the product is still the same.
I have to mention the amazing scent. It is warm and cozy, I can't imagine a human being who would dislike it.
I was using this oil on my face for a month or more and honestly I haven't seen any big difference. I think it is too expencive to be slathered all over and not see results so I started using it on my hair to also prolong the scent. I often spray parfum all over my hair because it lasts much longer. The good thing is that the oil is also nourishing them even though my hair aren't dry but a little extra moisture cannot hurt, right?
I love the scent but I don't think this is good enough reason to keep repurchasing such an expencive product. I will use it up and that will be it. I will try some other oils on the market for a fraction of the price.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 

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