29 January 2016

eye creams


for a long time I wasn't using any special creams around my eyes. I always just applied the cream I used all over my face also under my eyes and that was it. Around two years ago I caved in and bought myself an eye cream. I know it was from Avon in a little pot and it was nothing but amazing. It moisturized instantly and kept my fine lines in check. It had some sort of a highlighter build in and it lightly covered up under eye circles and when I had enough sleep I even didn't need to use concealer. It was amazing but they discontinued it and since then I'm trying to find something similar.

Ombia Cosmetics Hyaluronic acid eye creams

A while ago I bought these two from Hofer and they are a part of their beauty line called Ombia Cosmetics. They were available only for a short period of time and even though each cost me around 10 € I bought both to see if they are any good.
One is a day gel cream and the other one is more of a proper cream and you should use it at night. Each bottle contains 15 ml and comes with a handy pump. The packaging in nice and efficient. Both products contain Hyaluronic acid which is awesome at keeping moisture locked in your skin.

I tried both of them and I have the same problem with both of them. I think everyone applies eye cream as close to the eye as possible, right? Well, not these two, they get absorbed and burn your eyes. It was horrible but I wanted to give them another chance. I used them on my cheek bone and a tiny bit on my brow bone. This worked but after a couple of hours my eyes started to water and the burning eye was back.
I think they are very strong creams, very concentrated and if I would use them I would see some positive changes but I just can't. Now I use them all over my face (firmly avoiding my eye area) and on my neck just to use them up.

So, I'm still on a hunt for an eye cream that would work for me. I'm googling a lot and probably soon I will buy something new.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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