17 January 2016

My current favorite concealer


for today I decided to switch things up a bit. I will show you my staple product which I have for a while now (I assume I will finish it soon) and so far this is my favorite concealer I have ever tried.

Misslyn cream concealer in no. 3 Porcelain

It is from a brand I don't hear much on other blogs. I often check what they have but because there aren't many reviews about their products I never really ventured into their make-up. One day I remember I was trying to find Revlon concealer but it was ether sold out or they didn't have it. Next to it it was Misslyn display and I found this little guy, I really needed a new concealer so I just took this one. It is Misslyn cream concealer in no. 3 Porcelain.

It is the lighter shade out of the two (not really much of a choice, right?). It is super light and yellow toned and this makes it perfect for me. It comes in a tube with an applicator just like a lip gloss. Coverage is rather high, specially if you layer two or three layers.

Misslyn cream concealer in no. 3 Porcelain

I use it under my eyes to conceal the darkness and on my blemishes. It really works for both problems. I don't use brush with it but I just tap it on with my fingers. I find that most products work best if you warm them up a bit and you can do it with applying it with fingers plus you don't need to wash brushes constantly. ;)
I can see that I'm getting really low on it and soon I will have to repurchase it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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