03 January 2016

Cosnova news


you probably know that Catrice and Essence change their core line twice a year and they already released a list which product will have to say goodbye and which items will replace them.
Every time I can hardly contain myself, I throw myself into googling and making lists of all the products I want. I always make little collages and this time I decided to show it to you. I only do this with products which are leaving us because I can find swatches and reviews online. This is my last chance to pick them and they are also cheaper (they are already reasonably priced but still, when you know you can get them cheaper than you wait for the sale, right?)

Here is a Catrice collage. All of those products will leave us soon and I want to take a closer look at them and possibly buy them before they are gone for good. 
I know I want the palette because my sister has it and she is impressed so probably I will get one for her too.
I'm not sure about the eye shadows, I picked neutrals but I have to swatch them in the store and if they will convince me I will buy them.
The same goes for the blushes and bronzer, maybe I will pick only one bronzing product. Robin Wood is actually fitted under blushes but the color is more bronze than anything else.
All of the new Catrice products which will be available soon you can find here and if you can't wait to see all of the soon gone products you can check them on this link here.

Here I have my Essence picks. I have to check how glittery the metal glam shadows really are. I know that there is only glittery over spray and underneath the colors aren't so shimmery which I prefer. 
I think I will get both 3D duos. The shades look like something I would wear.
Blush here looks crazy but I was looking at the swatches and it turns out that this one is actually pretty light peach but I have to see it in person.
The pure nude powder is probably too dark for me but maybe I can use it as a light bronzer.
The hair elastics are always good to have them around, especially when I braid my hair and I need small bands. 

Last but not least here we have nail polishes. As you can see I picked only Essence this time simply because I didn't liked anything from its sister brand. I think I will collect all of them because I like those colors and top coat is a bonus, we can never have too many top coats, right?
If you are interested about all of the new Essence products you can see them on the official site here
or if you are curious which products will leave us you can check them here.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day

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